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Alan's Sounds

Listen to me!

In addition to writing things I also play things. Bass mostly, but also other stringed instruments. Here are some songs I recorded for a Christmas song contest. They are parodies of well known non-Christmasy songs. I'm particularly proud of "Friend of the Claus".

The Tim Harrington Band's Sounds

Tim Harrington Band

I play bass in this band. We have a 3-piece horn section, so we play covers of songs with horns in them. If a song we like doesn't have horns, we fix that problem by adding them. Here are some tracks we recorded for "Meet the Music" - our local NPR station's show focusing on local artists. 

More Tim Harrington Band Sounds

Tim Harrington Band

They liked us so much they asked us to headline their annual "Meet the Music Live" show.

Even More Tim Harrington Band Sounds!

Two tracks from our New Years Eve 2018 show at Don Hall's Guesthouse. Featuring yours truly on bass and lead vocals on "Magic Carpet Ride".