"The Snotty List" is a real book now! Scroll down for more info!

It's a real thing!

After a year of hard work, my first story has been published as a real book! Click below for details on how you can get your very own signed copy!

About Me


I write things.

Sometimes they're good things. Sometimes not so much. But when they are good things I like to share them. 


What kind of things?

Glad you asked. The current thing is a book titled "The Snotty List". If you want more details, click the cleverly titled button below. 

That sounds awesome. Where can I get it?

Right here! 

Are you on The Snotty List?

Click below to take the quiz and find out!

Do you have an Amazon Echo?

Outstanding! Ask Alexa to "Open Snotty List Quiz" or click below to enable The Snotty List Quiz skill. 

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Free Christmas Song!

My holiday take on "Friend of the Devil" reimagined as "Friend of the Claus". 

Acoustic Guitars: John Lefler

Drums and Sleigh Bells: Jesse Cooper

Bass and Vocals: Alan Carter

Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Jake Remley and Alan Carter

Friend of the Claus (m4a)


More Free Christmas Songs!

Thanks to Beck and The Pixies for the inspiration for these two songs. "Loser" became "Hoosier" and "Monkey Gone to Heaven" became "Baby Jesus Came from Heaven". 

Hoosier (mp3)


Baby Jesus Came from Heaven (mp3)


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